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  • Vishwakarma E-cell is a start-up Co-working Center and Entrepreneurship development Center as part of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Ahmedabad. The vision of the E-cell is to disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial practice and theory through lectures, seminar activities and workshops, to seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting e-cell to global network of entrepreneurs and to provide Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs.
  • The key motto of E-cell is to develop Entrepreneurial environment at the institute with easily accessible resources.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various workshops and seminar organized under e-Cell at premier institutes like Entrepreneurship Development of India (EDI), IIT Gandhinagar. It also provides internship to students. Faculty members and students form a team and coordinate various activities under E-cell. Various leadership talks by eminent experts in association with MHRD are coordinated and attended by students and faculty in large numbers.
  • Conclaves, conferences and industry experts/mentors meet are arranged under E-cell with a view to linking industries and government bodies. Students get opportunity to interact with the mentors, entrepreneurs and market leaders through such activities. Social events are also an integral part of e-Cell where students explore rich and varied culture of our country. Students and faculty working under e-cell also participate in different competitions.

About Student Start Up and Innovation Policy (SSIP)

VGEC SSIP cell supports student Innovation and Startup through funding, mentor ship, co-working space, patent filing and legal assistance. VGEC had received funding of INR 1.2 crore from Education Department, Government of Gujarat under SSIP Policy.


  • To disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial practice and theory through lectures, seminar Activities and workshops.
  • To collaborate with similar bodies in other Business schools, training institutes & technology institutes to accomplish the objectives.
  • To seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting e- cell to global network of entrepreneurs.
  • To create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.
  • Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs
  • Starting Innovation incubation center
  • Starting Campus Companies
Sr. No. Project Title Department Budget Project Year More
1 Flexible Water Storage Pot Chemical Engineering 35000 2017-18 View
2 Hydro Jet Ejector system for cooling using water-alcohol emulation Chemical Engineering 70000 2017-18 View
3 Food grade water based emulsion of cumin oil Chemical Engineering 25000 2017-18 View
4 Separation of Carbon Dioxide from flue gases using Ionic Liquids Chemical Engineering 45000 2017-18 View
5 Portable Biogas Plant Chemical Engineering 65000 2017-18 View
6 zeolite membrane filter for oxygen reach air Chemical Engineering 65000 2017-18 View
7 Hydro-Dynamic Design of Storm Water Drainage Inlet to Enhance Intake Efficiency Civil Engineering 35000 2017-18 View
8 Design of automated Solar Distillation Unit as a temperature regulator for green house system Civil Engineering 50000 2017-18 View
9 Improving Strength of Porous Concrete Pavement Civil Engineering 26500 2017-18 View
10 Modification of properties of geo-polymer concrete at ambient temperature using RHA. Civil Engineering 25000 2017-18 View
11 Design and Modelling of Foldable Vault Civil Engineering 99345 2017-18 View
12 Automatic Slab Filling Machine Civil Engineering 54000 2017-18 View
13 localized information broadcasting. Computer Engineering 3637 2017-18 View
14 Smart Travelio Computer Engineering 3599 2017-18 View
15 Coastline Surveillance Computer Engineering 0 2017-18 View
16 Anti-Kidnapping System using IOT Computer Engineering 4793 2017-18 View
17 Vision Compass Computer Engineering 0 2017-18 View
18 Real time bus prediction system in city transport Computer Engineering 39580 2017-18 View
19 GPS/NavIC receiver based pollution parameters monitoring system Electronics & Communication 20000 2017-18 View
20 Drone based Imaging System for Waste Assessment Electronics & Communication 37000 2017-18 View
21 Automatic Garbage Detection and Collection Electronics & Communication 30000 2017-18 View
22 Home appliance control using IOT and artificial intelligence Electrical Engineering 60000 2017-18 View
23 Economical Multi stage HVDC Generator Electrical Engineering 31000 2017-18 View
24 IOT based Process Control Instrumentation & Control 20000 2017-18 View
25 Multipurpose Instrument to measure solid liquid interaction (Wettability measurement and its applications) Instrumentation & Control 20000 2017-18 View
26 IOT based hydroponic approach for soilless farming Instrumentation & Control 25000 View
27 Smart Parking Solution Instrumentation & Control 55000 2017-18 View
28 Portable non contact type temp. measurment instrumentThermal Imager Instrumentation & Control 16000 2017-18 View
29 Design and Fabrication of Folding Bicycle Mechanical Engineering 9000 2017-18 View
30 Recovery of liquid nitrogen in process industries using pulse tube cryocooler Mechanical Engineering 70000 2017-18 View
31 GPS/NavIC Receiver based accidental prevention Speed Control System Electronics & Communication 15000 2017-18 View
32 Automatic Dish Washer Power Electronics 70000 2017-18 View
33 Seven Level Inverter with five switch topology Power Electronics 50000 2017-18 View
34 Clossed Loop Control of Multiphase buck Converter. Power Electronics 30000 2017-18 View
35 Power Charger for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 50000 2017-18 View
36 Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 25000 2017-18 View
37 Motor Management System for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 50000 2017-18 View