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Civil Engineering Department

Programme Civil Engineering
Department Co-ordinator Prof. Pradeepkumar Lodha
Year of starting 2008
Level UG
First year of approval by council 2008 749-87-104(E)/RC/95
Intake 60


To provide a dynamic learning environment in the field of Civil Engineering with global perspectives, to make the students technically competent for innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • To promote real-time education, research culture, and consultancy work for industrial and societal needs.
  • To develop well-equipped laboratories and infrastructure for conducive teaching-learning environment.
  • To enhance professional engineering and entrepreneurship skills to manage turnkey projects.
  • To inculcate the value system in the students to provide socially responsible and eco-friendly solutions in the field of construction infrastructure.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • The graduates shall be able to apply technical knowledge and skill for solving real-world Civil Engineering problems.
  • The graduates shall be able to engage themselves to achieve expertise in analysis and design of structures by modern Civil Engineering tools and techniques.
  • The graduates shall become responsible technocrats to deliver environmental friendly sustainable solutions.
  • The graduates shall become capable to demonstrate the best Civil Engineering practices through adaptations to ethics and bye-laws.
  • The graduates shall be able to pursue their career as professional entrepreneur in the field of Civil Engineering.

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)

  • Educating students with fundamental and technical knowledge for actively apply to solve day-to-day societal problems related to the field of civil engineering.
  • Motivate to engage them for achieving expertise in design and analysis of structures by modern civil engineering tools.
  • Cultivate skills for continuous learning to achieve functionally efficient, cost effective and safe solutions of modern infrastructure development.
  • Inculcate students to develop professional skills, abilities and attitude for wage employment and/or to become entrepreneur.
  • Inspiring Students to become ethically responsible technocrats to deliver environmental friendly and sustainable solutions.
Prof. Pradeepkumar P. Lodha
Prof. Ravindra G. Motwani
Associate Professor
Prof. Sailesh A. Trivedi
Associate Professor
Prof. Upendrasingh R. Singh
Assistant Professor
Prof. Bhagyesh C Contractor
Assistant Professor
Prof. Dharti R. Rawat
Assistant Professor
Prof. Khushboo M. Parmar
Assistant Professor
Prof. Girish D. Jagad
Assistant Professor
Mr. Navinchandra B Patel
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This lab has high-end facilities like Alpha-FTIR Spectrometer that is equipped with a versatile ZnSe ATR crystal for the analysis of powders, solids, pastes and liquids. It has also UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, suitable for organic and coloured metal samples. Hundreds of organic precursors and salts are available for research, PG and UG level experiments.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory & project laboratory has 13 + 5 high end dell computers with led monitors and internet facility. The computers have many software's installed such as Autocad 2019, Revit 2019, Vissim, QGIS, Epanet for various course and project related work.

Environment Laboratory

The Environment lab has various equipments of water, waste water , air and noise quality assesment which includes Digital p H meter, Water testing Kit, COD Apparatus, BOD incubator , Water Bath, Jar apparatus, Sound meter etc

Surveying Laboratory

The surveying lab has various equipments ranging from latest Total Station to basic equipments like chain, tape and compass for thorough knowledge of students. It also has Plain Table, Dumpy level and Auto level for basic surveying needs.

Transportation lab

Transportation lab has various equipments for test on both aggregate as well as on bitumein. The equipments includes, Shape test Apparatus, sieve shaker's, Impact testing machine, Los Angeles Abrasion machine for aggregates and Penetrometer, Ductility testing machine, Ring and ball Apparatus, Viscometer, Flash and fire point test apparatus for bitumein testing.

Webinar on Design Thinking to Product Development
Webinar on Recent Opportunities for Startup and Digital Technology of Construction Industry in Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
Technical visit at Kotarpur
STAAD PRO Workshop
First Arvind Verma Memorial Lecture
Technical visit at Kotarpur WTP
National Seminar on Application of Geosynthetics for Infrastructure Development
Technical Visit to Wanakbori Weir
Technical Visit to Canal Crossing
Expert Talk on Innovations in Concrete
Expert Talk on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing
Visit to Kotarpur water treatment plant Ahmedabad
IEI Student Chapter Workshop on Self Compacting Concrete
Exhibition on Save water Recourses
Technical Visit of J K Laxmi Cement plant Sirohi
Technical Visit of Sardar Sarovar Dam
IEI Workshop on Recent Trends in Concrete Technology
A Workshop On Recent Trends in Concrete Technology
Technical demonstration on GIS software
Sr. No. Name Designation Organisation Role WEF
1 Mr. Jay Patel Proprietor Jay Plastics industries , Ahmedabad Member 03-01-2018
2 Mr. Darshak Langaliya Technical Engineer J.K.Lakshmi cement Ltd. Member 03-01-2018
3 Mr. Darshil J Soni Consulting Engineer Visionary architects and Engineers Member 03-01-2018