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  • In pursuance of the directions issued by the University Grants Commission and Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC) has set up the Women Development Cell (WDC). The Women Development Cell will look after the welfare of the women employees (including teaching, non-teaching and contractual workers) and students, facilitate redressal of their grievances and shall cater to the issues/grievances concerning women employees. WDC would promote all round development of women employees/students of the Institute through events, health care awareness, workshops etc. Time to time the cell conducts seminars and lectures by specialists and eminent personalities to stop violence against women, sexual harassment at work and about health, hygiene etc.


  • To resolve issues pertaining to girl’s/women’s sexual harassment
  • To resolve issues through Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
  • To equip the female women employees and students with knowledge of their rights
  • To create awareness about health and hygiene
  • To educate them about gender sensitization
  • To ensure personality along with academic development of students

Who can approach the WDC

  • Any employee including faculty, staff, contractual and student of VGEC can approach the WDC.


  • A separate ladies room has been given to girl students situated at E-block.
  • This room equipped with the necessary infrastructure like first aid box, cupboards, chairs, tables and cots with mattress.
  • Vending machine(at girls hostel).
  • Reading room for girl’s at girls hostel.
  • Suggestion box is kept in the ladies room to receive complaints and suggestions related to the needs of girl students.
  • Separate notice board for WDC displays the articles written by girl students and special issues related with girl students.
  • One separate room is kept reserved for counselling of girl students.

Committee Members

Name of WDC Faculty Coordinator Designation Department
Prof. Kintu R. Patel Chairperson Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Jagruti K. Naik Member Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof. Rozina R. Surani Member Electrical Engineering
Prof. Mamta Patel Member Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Prof. Parul Tirkar WDC Department Coordinator Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Prof. Ujjwala Christian WDC Department Coordinator Chemical Engineering
Prof.Khushboo M. Parmar WDC Department Coordinator Civil Engineering
Pooja B. Mistry WDC Department Coordinator Applied Mechanics
Prof. Jigna J. Jadav WDC Department Coordinator Computer Engineering
Mrs. Vitalben Patel WDC Department Coordinator Computer Engineering
Prof. Vaibhavi M. Parmar WDC Department Coordinator Electrical Engineering
Prof.Sita S. Agrawal
(Warden - Girls Hostel)
WDC Department Coordinator Electrical Engineering
Prof. Shreeji S. Sheth WDC Department Coordinator Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof. Naimisha S. Trivedi WDC Department Coordinator Information & Technology
Miss. Rashmi Chauhan WDC Department Coordinator Information & Technology
Prof. Trupti Y. Rathod
(Warden - Girls Hostel)
WDC Department Coordinator Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Disha D. Tilala WDC Department Coordinator Science & Humanities(Coordinating Power Electronics Department)
Gneya Pandya Student Representative Computer Engineering
Prisha Sheth Student Representative Electronics & Communication Engineering
Pranchal Goyal Student Representative Electrical Engineering

Prof. Kintu R. Patel
Chairperson, Women Development Cell (WDC)
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Email: kintupatel@vgecg.ac.in
Phone: 8238058312

Internal Complaints Committe

Sr.No. Name of Committee Members Role in IIC Location Coontact No. Email
1 Prof. Kintu R. Patel Presiding Officer (Teaching) M-306 9427604590 kintupatel@vgecg.ac.in
2 Prof. Kajal Patel Member(Teaching) D-102 8849268011 kajalpatel@vgecg.ac.in
3 Prof. Parin shah Ex. Officer(Hostel Rector) Member F-202 9879182790 parin.shah@vgecg.ac.in
4 Ms. Jagruti Parmar Non-teaching Member F-204 9898809984 jbparmar@vgecg.ac.in
5 Ms. Vittal R. Patel Non-teaching Member D-203 9824640546 vitalkpatel@vgecg.ac.in
6 Yogini Modi Student Member (EE) - 8733076623 yoginismodi@gmail.com
7 Rajviba Zala Student Member (Civil) - 9924222871 rajviba2020@gmail.com
8 Gohel Amit Student Member (CE) - 7016679944 amitgohel2002@gmail.com
9 Dr. Meera Vasani Associate Dean (Students Affairs), Chairperson (WDC & ICC) IITRAM, A’bad - 9898340840 meeravasani@iitram.ac.in

An Expert Talk on "The Panic Pandemic: Let’s De-stress, Refresh and Rejuvenate"
An Expert Talk on Entrepreneurs - as Innovators and Change Makers
Awareness Program on - Know your Rights
An Expert Talk on Professional Skills Development by Women Development Cell in association with RUSA Cell
An Expert Talk on Soft Skills Development: A Pathway towards Successful Career
A Webinar on Women Empowerment and Leadership − Inseparable Twins
Webinar on - Menstrual Health and Hygiene
Webinar on "International Women's Day Celebration"
Webinar on Eating for 'All-Day-Energy' & Immunity
Webinar on Virtual Round Table Conference (Youth Dialogue) - Inequality - Bridging the Divide
Webinar on Awareness program about Women Development Cell -VGEC
Brief Report on Webinar Social Entrepreneurship - Opportunities & Challenges
Brief Report for Webinar on Vulvovaginal and Menstrual Health & Hygiene
Women in Politics and Sports
Seminar on Safety Health and Environment
Expert talk with Advocate Sonal Joshi
Ab Samjhauta Nahin (know your Rights) with Vivel and Josh Talks
International Women's Day celebration - UDGHOSH 2019
Woman: A Entrepreneur in Engineering
To create Awareness about legal rights of women
Legal Awareness of Women Rights
Women in Engineering
Halla Bol Season -II
What's new in Women's Health
Dynamic YOGA at Tagore Hall
Vipasyana at VGEC
Tug of War
Poster Making Competition
Defense 'o' Dance
Awareness Program about 'Police Heart' 1091 Services
Emerging Technologies, Entrepreneurship Development and Life Management Skills


  • A separate ladies room has been given to girl students situated at first floor, E-block.
  • This room equipped with the necessary infrastructure like first aid box, cupboards, chairs, tables and cots with mattress.

Girls Common Room