An Expert Talk on "The Panic Pandemic: Let’s De-stress, Refresh and Rejuvenate"

28 April, 2022

Women Development Cell – VGEC in association with Addre 9 India Health Care System organized an Expert Talk on “The Panic Pandemic: Let’s De-stress, Refresh and Rejuvenate” on 28th April, 2022 aiming to guide students on how to relieve themselves from stress to excel in fields chosen by them and how one can be happy in daily routine. The talk was addressed by the expert Dr Yatri Patel (Consultant Psychiatrist, V. S. Hospital, Ahmedabad).

Addressing to students, she emphasized that stress is a part of every individual however one should consult a doctor if it prolongs more than a week. She clarified the difference between a habit and an addiction while discussing the drawbacks of screen time and more usage of social media. She also advised that students should always share their problems with others, avoid loneliness, evolve different hobbies and try out various activities to refresh and rejuvenate.

Event at a Glance

  • Expert: Dr. Yatri Patel (Consultant Psychiatrist, V. S. Hospital, Ahmedabad)
  • Date: 28th April, 2022, 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM
  • Venue: VGEC A-Block Auditorium
  • No of Participants: 200+
  • Event Coordinators : Prof Kintu Patel, Prof. Jagruti Naik, Prof. Rozina Surani, Prof. Mamta Patel

Discussion Points:

  • Causes of Depression, Anxiety & Stress
  • Reasons why people don’t open up about mental health issues
  • Different stages of anxiety and stress
  • How to differentiate depression and anxiety from behavior
  • Symptoms of severity and when to consult a doctor
  • Demonstration of few videos along with case study
  • How to refresh and importance of meditation and developing different hobbies to improve mental health

Question – Answers with students