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Student Section

About Student Section

    The prime objective of the student section is to assist the students for their various kinds of activities seeking from the institution such as enrollment, examination, scholarship, anti ragging, student grievance, student affairs and certifications. Our institute had been developed STS Online portal to support green environment movement for daily routine activities of student section. STS portal prepare database to make all student related activities online. Section performed following activities for the students.


Sr.No. Name Department Designation
1 Prof. K. L. Timani Applied Mechanics Convener
2 Prof. Jaynila Prajapati Electronics and Communication Members
3 Prof. Snehal Paladiya Physics Members
4 Prof. M. G. Jadeja Electrical Engineering Members
5 Prof. Sunil Patel Chemical Engineering Members


  • Student admission (ACPC, MHRD, ICCR etc.) and cancellation.
  • Enrollment with GTU.
  • Collection of Semester/Exam fees.
  • Conducting Semester Theory and Practical Exam as per GTU schedule.
  • Issuance of various academic certificates and grade cards.
  • Education document verification and Transcript- academic records
  • Anti-ragging affidavits from the students
  • To carry out Scholarship related activities for the OBC, SC and ST students. The Section also offers services for various government scholarship schemes such as MYSY, NPS and Digital Gujarat Portal.
  • To issue Smart I-Cards to all eligible enrolled students
  • To certify public transports Concessional pass forms for ST/AMTS/BRTS/ Railways services.
  • To provides services to the students for their need of endorsements for various requirements from the institute.
  • Review of student grievance and Student Affairs.
  • To avail NAMO E-Tablet for first year admitted student

Student Scholarship

    The following committee of the faculty is working for different types of student scholarship of the institute. Students may contact the concerned faculty in case of any query or difficulty or may email (if required) on scholarship@vgecg.in by mentioning category for which he/she wants to apply along with query.
Sr. No. Name Of the Faculty Category of scholarship Contact Faculty location/ Block
1 Prof. Neepa Shah Coordinator npshah@vgecg.ac.in C-103
2 Dr. D A Bhatt Other than SC, ST, SEBC scholarships (Railways, ONGC, Torrent Power, Shramik Kalyan, CRPF, BSNL, or any caste scholarship from his/her community …etc) dipakbhatt@vgecg.ac.in A- 21/01
3 Prof. Yamini Patel SEBC yaminipatel@vgecg.ac.in N-210
4 Prof. Pooja Mistry SEBC pbmistry@vgecg.ac.in N-208
5 Prof. Nikunj Gamit ST nikunj.gamit@vgecg.ac.in B-203
6 Dr. Kaushik Rana SC kkr@vgecg.ac.in D-204
7 Dr. Disha Tilala MYSY, J&K ddtilala@vgecg.ac.in J-102
8 Prof. Maitri Patel MYSY mjpatel@vgecg.ac.in F-101
9 Prof. Trupti Rathod NSP rathodtrupti@vgecg.ac.in M-207
    Students are informed to get updated through the institute website as well as applicable portal, for example, Digital Gujarat, NSP Portal, MYSY, J&K etc…