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Information Technology Department

Programme Information Technology
Department Co-ordinator Prof. Vibha D Patel
Year of starting 1999
Level UG
First year of approval by council 1999 742-1-5(GUJ)/EI/99
Intake 60


The department aims to nurture students to be IT professionals who are innovative and technically competent to meet the advancements in industrial and societal needs.


  • To produce technically competent and socially responsible graduates.
  • To develop well-equipped laboratories to gain practical exposure in IT practices.
  • To support research culture, consultancy work and enhancement of entrepreneurship skills.
  • To enhance industry linkage for good placements and real-world exposure.
  • To encourage, involve and support students for environmental and social wellbeing.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • The graduate will be a competent professional with high-level technical proficiency in the field of Information Technology to identify problems and develop innovative solutions to meet the industrial needs.
  • The graduate will exhibit professionalism, teamwork, leadership skills, and lifelong learning.
  • The graduates will ethically apply their computing knowledge and skills considering societal, economic, and environmental factors.
  • The graduate will be intellectually competent to pursue higher education and conduct research-oriented activities.

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)

  • Demonstrate proficiency in one of the emerging Technology like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web/Mobile Application Development.
  • Demonstrate skills to design, develop and test software systems to provide solutions to real-world problems.
Prof. Vibha D. Patel
Prof. Chirag A. Patel
Associate Professor
Prof. Shailesh J. Molia
Associate Professor
Prof. Vallabh G. Patel
Assistant Professor
M. E.
Dr. Dhaval J. Varia
Assistant Professor
Ph. D.
Prof. Nikunj C. Gamit
Assistant Professor
Prof. Jashvant R. Dave
Assistant Professor
Prof. Naimisha S. Trivedi
Assistant Professor
Prof. Jignesh H. Vaniya
Assistant Professor
Prof. Chetna G. Chand
Assistant Professor
Prof. Dipak C. Patel
Assistant Professor
Prof. Om P. Mehta
Assistant Professor
Prof. Manmitsinh C. Zala
Assistant Professor
Ms. Rashmi H. Chauhan
Lab Assistant
Mr. Jagdish S. Senma
Lab Assistant
Advance Computing Lab-1 B-206A

The department is having programming lab for students where they can perform their experiments. This lab contains number of Lenovo Computers with Internet connection.

Advance Computing Lab-2 B-206B

The Advance computing lab has number of computers (Dell and Acer). Students can perform their experiments and simulation related work. All the advance computing related experimental setup is available in the lab.

Database Lab B-203A

The Database lab contains number of computers. These computers have database related software.

Object Oriented Programming Lab B-203B

The department is having OOP lab with number of computers. This lab contains programming related software for students to perform various object oriented practicals.

Hardware Lab/ Project Lab B-103

The programming and Project Lab lab contains number of computers with internet connection.

Programming Lab/ Network lab B-104

The department has Programming and Network lab containing digital training kit for students to perform practical as well as number of computers.

Seminar/Tutorial Room/ Design Engineering Lab B-102

The department is having tutorial lab where subject tutorials and various seminars are conducted.

An Industrial Visit to Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (ISRO)
Expert Talk on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
A Faculty Development Program on Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technology – Cloud Computing
A Start-up Talk on GreenoBazaar
A Webinar on "Start-Up Journey of VORION SCIENTIFIC"
Workshop on "Software Development using Cloud Services"
Webinar on "Mining of Incremental Data"
Webinar on "Entrepreneurship and Startup - A Success Story"
Report on Webinar entitled Entrepreneurship - Developing the opportunity
Report on Webinar entitled How to face technical interview
Report on Webinar entitled How Careers will shape up due to Covid-19 Pandemic
Report on Webinar entitled Web Development based on Maven, Hibernate and Spring MVC Architecture
Expert Talk on Digital Logic by Mr. M Kumar
Hands on Workshop on JAVA Spring Framework
Seminar on Data Science by BSE Institute Limited
Workshop on Computer Network under IE Students Chapter
Seminar on Cyber Security
Seminar on Internet of Things Applications
Workshop on Design Thinking and Project Management
Two Days State Level Workshop on Angular JS
Expert Talk on Ps of Product Company
Expert Talk on Role of Computer Engg graduates in IT industry
Student of Information Technology Department won Second prize in Smart Gujarat For New India Hackathon
Workshop on Python Programming Theory and Practical Approach
Expert Talk on IOT and its Applications
Seminar on Data Science using Python
Workshop on Jquery and ECommerce
Workshop on Advanced JAVA Programming
Workshop on Application Development using Salesforce
Web Application Development using Visual Studio
Sr. No. Name Designation Organisation Role WEF
1 Dr. Vibha Patel Professor and Head, Department of Information Technology VGEC Convener 10-08-2017
2 Mr. Parmanand Dayal Module Lead of SAP HCM and Cloud Base TCS, Gandhinagar Member 10-08-2017
3 Ms. Pooja Joshi Senior Consultant Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd Member 10-08-2017
4 Dr. Shailesh Panchal Director, GTU-Graduate School of Engineering and Technology Gujarat Technological University Member 10-08-2017
5 Dr. Chirag Patel Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology VGEC Member 10-08-2017
6 Prof. Shailesh Molia Associate Professor and Member of Training and Placement Cell, Department of Information Technology VGEC Member Secretary 10-08-2017