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  • The Institution of Engineers (India) or IEI is the largest multidisciplinary professional body that encompasses 15 engineering disciplines and gives engineers a global platform to share professional interest. IEI has served the engineering fraternity for over nine decades. It provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the Government, Industries and the Engineering fraternity. The Institution has established R&D Centers at various locations in the country and also provides grant-in-aid to its members to conduct research and development on engineering subjects.
  • The Gujarat State Centre has been one of the active Centers of The Institution of Engineers (India) which is engaged successfully translating the objectives and ideals of IEI into practice.
  • IEI Student's Chapter, Vishwakarma Government Engineering College has successfully organized several guest lectures, industrial visit, workshops and seminars including the seminar on disaster management, workshop on Concrete Technology, two day all India seminar on Fundamentals and Trends in Additive Manufacturing, two day All India Seminar on Renewable Energy.

VGEC have seven active students’ chapter as follows:

Sr.No. Branch
1 Civil Engineering Division: 382424/VGEC/CV (1st - 4th Year)
2 Mechanical Engineering Division: 382424/VGEC/MC (1st - 4th Year)
3 Chemical Engineering Division : 382424/VGEC/CH (1st - 4th Year)
4 Electrical Engineering Division : 382424/VGEC/EL (2nd - 4th Year)
5 Computer Science And Engineering Division : 382424/VGEC/CS (1st - 4th Year)
6 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Division : 382424/VGEC/EE (1st - 4th Year)
7 Information Technology Engineering Division : 382424/VGEC/IT (1st - 4th Year)

Total 774 students are enrolled under with student membership so far.

Sr.No. Branch No. Of Students
1 Civil Engineering Division 112
2 Mechanical Engineering Division 187
3 Chemical Engineering Division 78
4 Information Technology Engineering Division 23
5 Computer Science And Engineering Division 63
6 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Division 73
7A Electrical Engineering Division 53
7B Instrumentation and Control Engineering 185

IEI Committee

Name Designation Role in the Committee
Prof. M. I. Vyas Professor, Mechanical Engineering Convener
Prof. A. R. Agrawal Assistant Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering Member


  • IEI envisions to be one of the largest and vibrant professional society of engineers, technologists and applied scientists in the world, covering all branches of engineering, committed to the promotion of continual professional and intellectual development and contributing significantly to the growth of technological knowledge, skill and capacity building of the highest order, demonstrated through innovative approach towards the cause of sustainable development.


  • To effectively promote the general advancement of engineering, engineering science and technology, and their application in India.
  • To facilitate dissemination and exchange of information and ideas amongst the members of the profession and the persons attached to IEI.
  • To extend value based services to the Nation, at all desired level.
Workshop on Raspberry Pi and Its Applications
Training Program on - Process Engineering and Design (Session - 7)
Training Program on - Process Engineering and Design (Session - 5)
Training Program on - Process Engineering and Design (Session - 6)
Training Program on - Process Engineering and Design (Session - 4)
IFFCO Plant Visit held under IEI Student Chapter
Expert sessions on Application of Catalysis held under IEI Student Chapter
GELCO Plant Visit held under IEI Student Chapter
IEI Expert talk on Automation and SCADA
IEI Student Chapter Seminar on Selection of motor for Electric Vehicles
Annual General Meeting of IEI
IEI Workshop on Recent Trends in Concrete Technology