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  • The institute provides excellent accommodation to its students. The students are provided with all the amenities so that their stay here becomes a worthwhile experience.
  • The institute has a boys hostel with capacity of 540 students and a girls hostel with capacity of 180 students. There are messes in the both hostel campus. Many newspapers and magazines are subscribed for the hostel library. Entertainment facilities like TV room, badminton room, gymnasium are also available in hostel. Outdoor and indoor games are also provided for the hostelites. University health centre has extended its services to the students of our hostel. The hostel is administered by the rector and four wardens.

Boys Hostel

Number of Rooms 180
Capacity 540
Guest Rooms 2
T.V. Room 1
Mess 1
Reading Room 1
Hostel Office 1

Girls Hostel

Number of Rooms 60
Capacity 180
Guest Rooms 2
T.V. Room 1
Mess 1

Hostel Co-Ordinators

Name Department Designation
Prof. P. P. Lodha Civil Engineering Department Rector
Prof. V. G. Qureshi Humanity and Science Department Warden (Boys)
Prof. J. M. Joshi Mechanical Engineering Department Warden (Boys)
Prof. J. H. Vania Information Technology Department Warden (Boys)
Prof. J. B. Trivedi Chemical Engineering Department Warden (Boys)
Prof. S. Y. Rathod Instrumentation and Control Department Warden (Girls)
Prof. A. T. Mistri Electrical Engineering Department Warden (Girls)

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