Webinar on - Menstrual Health and Hygiene

19 June, 2021

    The Women Development Cell, VGEC organized a webinar on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene” in collaboration with GlobalHunt Foundation, Bangalore on 19th June 2021, during 1 to 2 PM on the Microsoft Teams. The Webinar was addressed by Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick (CSR Executive, Unicharm India) & was attended by 140 participants including female students and female faculty members of VGEC Chandkheda, GEC Gandhinagar & L. D. College of Engineering. The webinar was coordinated by Prof. Rozina Surani & Prof. Mamta Patel.

    The main objectives of the webinar were to provide a platform where female students can be educated about menstrual health and hygiene and to enable them to cross barriers caused by cultural and gender norms that prevent them from articulating their menstrual needs. Keeping this in mind, this webinar was conducted to guide girls in having safe and acceptable access to appropriate healthcare information for overall health management and to provide the right and timely education to the young girls to prepare them for building healthy lifestyles that can protect and improve their menstrual and reproductive health.  Also, the webinar was aimed to make girls aware of the anatomy and physiology of their bodies because the menstrual cycle affects their emotional, psychological and social development.

    The expert, Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick talked about hormonal, emotional and behavioral changes once the menstrual cycle starts, female reproductive phases, factors affecting menarche. She also guided on how mental health can affect the menstrual cycle and female reproductive system. Guidance for pre and post  menstrual  management as well as yoga poses that can give relief in the menstrual cramps were also a part of the expert talk.