A Webinar on Women Empowerment and Leadership − Inseparable Twins

07 August, 2021

The Women Development Cell organized a webinar on ‘Women Empowerment and Leadership − Inseparable Twins’ on 7th August 2021, on the MS Teams. The webinar was addressed by an expert Ms. Seema Saxena (Founder of Way to Go Training Consultancy, a corporate trainer & independent management consultant). The event under the coordination of Prof. Femina Patel, Prof. Rozina Surani & Prof. Jagruti Naik was attended by 91 participants including girl students and female faculty members of the college.

The main objective of the event was to empower the girl students through leadership qualities, hence the girls will become confident enough to face the future societal challenges like gender inequalities fearlessly.

During the session, the participants were guided to identify the road map towards women empowerment by knowing one’s self. The expert emphasized on self-empowerment and self-confidence as the foundation stones for women empowerment. She discussed the position of women empowerment as per global gender gap report by World Economic Forum 2021. She also interacted about women illiteracy level in India and equal pay for equal work, both for men and women. She also gave her insights on how to change the mindset and culture in the family and at the workplace for balancing personal and professional life.  Her success mantras “Stand up for yourself and for things that matter for your purpose in life. Choose your actions, your destiny is in your control” really motivated the participants!