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What is IEEE ?

  • IEEE, an association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefits of humanity, is the world's largest technical professional society. It is designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronics, computing fields and related areas of science and technology that underlie modern civilization.


  • "IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions."


  • "IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity."

Core Values

  • Trust: being a trusted and unbiased source of technical information, and forums, for technical dialog and collaboration.
  • Growth and nurturing: encouraging education as a fundamental activity of engineers, scientists, and technologists at all levels and at all times; ensuring a pipeline of students to preserve the profession.
  • Global community building: cultivating active, vibrant, and honest exchange among cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary global communities of technical professionals.
  • Partnership: promoting a culture of respect for the employee and volunteer, valuing contributions at all levels of the organization, investing in training and development to enhance capabilities, empowering individuals to make a positive difference, and building a membership organization based on a strong volunteer-staff partnership to serve the profession.
  • Service to humanity: leveraging science, technology, and engineering to benefit human welfare; promoting public awareness and understanding of the engineering profession.
  • Integrity in action: fostering a professional climate in which engineers and scientists continue to be respected for their exemplary ethical behavior and volunteerism.

IEEE VGEC Student Branch

  • IEEE VGEC Student Branch gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and professionals in the various fields. An active IEEE Student Branch can be one of the most positive elements in a department offering programs in IEEE designated fields of Engineering such as electrical, electronics and communication, computer Science and others.


    • When you join IEEE, you join a community of over 425,000 technology and engineering professionals.
    • IEEE membership provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to keep on top of changes in technology.
    • Get involved in standards development; network with other professionals in your local area or within a specific technical interest
    • Mentor the next generation of engineers and technologists, and so much more.
    • IEEE houses an unrivalled network of professionals, experts, and advisors that can help shape your career.
    • It also offers resources to acquire new skills, advance your professional development, and provide numerous opportunities for involvement, recognition, and reward.
    • The IEEE Xplore® digital library provides access to
      • IEEE journals, transactions, letters
      • magazines and conference proceedings
      • IET journals and conference proceedings
      • IEEE Standards and IEEE educational courses
    • Discounted access to more than 3 million documents
    • The IEEE Xplore Digital Library delivers full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in engineering and technology.
    • Career Alert is a weekly email newsletter which contains career advice plus the job of the week from the IEEE Job Site.
    • It provides members with links to news about engineering careers, education, and professional issues.
    • Anyone may opt-in to the newsletter. Sign up on-line by following the link in the more information module in the right-hand column.

IEEE History

  • The IEEE formed in 1963 with the merger of the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers, formed in 1884), and the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers, formed in 1912). From its earliest origins, the IEEE has: Advanced the theory and application of electro technology and allied sciences. Served as a catalyst for technological innovation. · Supported the needs of its members through a wide variety of programs and services. Through its members, the IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas ranging from computer engineering, biomedical technology and telecommunications, to electric power, aerospace and consumer electronics, among others. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is devoted to advancing the theory and application of electrical engineering, electronics, and computing.

IEEE Gujarat Section

  • The IEEE Gujarat Section is one of the 11 IEEE Sections in India which comes under the Asia-Pacific region, R10 of IEEE. It was formed on 15 August 1990. It is one of the most important section in the R10 Region. It is headquartered at Ahmedabad, a place known mainly for its business oriented people.

    IEEE activities started in Gujarat in 1988 from Baroda (now known as Vadodara), by the first IEEE Student Branch established at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology & Engineering, M S University. The Vadodara sub-section was formed in the year 1988, which was later changed to the entity to Gujarat Sub-section. On 15th August 1990 the Vadodara Sub-section was then upgraded to a full fledged Section and take its place amongst the 300 sections worldwide spread out over 150 countries.

    The IEEE Gujarat University Student Branch was the next student branch unit established in 1994. The IEEE Gujarat Section was carved out from the IEEE Bombay Section mainly for logistic reasons.

    Gujarat Section was first brought to international attention in 1997 with the holding of a twin conference on’ Internet Security’ and EEE in the petroleum sector both downstream and upstream. This twin conference was held in the premises of the Institute of Reservoir Studies of the ONGC.

Benefits of being an IEEE member:-

  • Library access: The IEEE Xplore® digital library provides access to IEEE journals, transactions, letters, magazines and conference proceedings.
  • Gets heavy discounts in IEEE sponsored events
  • Gets a unique recognition along with an IEEE MEMBERSHIP ID and a Google account (xyz@ieee.org).
  • Is very helpful for building one's profile. IEEE membership will increase your acceptance in every societies and workplace
  • Research papers can be accessed easily.
  • Can work with overseas professors for projects.
  • IEEE event certificates will help in GTU 100 points activity.


  • As a volunteer: To get involved as a volunteer in IEEE VGEC Student Branch you have to contact Mohit Patel, Secretary of IEEE VGEC SB. You will have to give an interview and we will select you based on your performance and skills.

    Mail-id : mohitpatel0903@gmail.com

  • As a member: You can register yourself as a student member of IEEE by appropriate remittance given on https://www.ieee.org/. Or you can directly approach IEEE VGEC Student Branch to become a member, we will guide you through procedure.
A Webinar on Embedded Code Generation for Engineers using MATLAB
A National Level Project Competition entitled - iQuest 2021
User Experience Foundation – A Beginner Level UI/UX Boot Camp
Webinar on Engineering Optimization Using Bio-Inspired Swarm Optimization Techniques
FRESHCODE 1.0 – Coding Competition
Workshop on "Mastering C"
Webinar on IEEE Orientation 2021
Drone Making With Raspberry PI

About iQuest 2021

  • IEEE Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Gujarat Section is going to organize a National Level Project Competition “iQuest”. The purpose of “iQuest” is to bring together the group of innovative people to work on a real-world problem.

    At “iQuest” we provide a platform where teams could work dedicatedly and compete with other strong innovative minds thereby bringing innovations in the solutions of the concerned problems of our society.

    There are following three tracks in “iQuest” based on disciplines:
    1. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
    2. Electronics and Communication / Instrumental Control Engineering
    3. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics

  • Benefits to the students:
    • This event will give students a platform and opportunity to work on real world problems. During mentoring sessions, students will get opportunities to interact with experienced resource persons and can benefit from them as well.
    • Winners will get the winning certificate along with the prize money and other participants will get the National Level certificate for participation in iQuest.

Important Dates:

  • Phase 1 :
    Team Registration & Problem Selection
    Dates : 21st June to 3rd July
  • Event Day :
    36 Hours Virtual Quest
    Dates : 16th, 17th July


  • Microsoft Teams / Google Meet

Fees per team :

  • Note : Maximum 4 team members incl. Team Leader allowed
  • Team having at least one IEEE Student member : 155/-
  • Team having all non-IEEE Student members : 205/-

For more information, Contact :

Problem Statements :

Problem ID Challenge Title Challenge Descrption Respective Discipline Details
iQPS01 E - Office The amount of time required in filing, organizing and searching for paper documents is huge. It can also be difficult to monitor the access of sensitive files. The above process wastes a lot of time and to utilize time over other productive tasks you have to build an efficient mechanism for it. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS02 Exam Shield To create an examination interface Which assure no student can cheat in online examination (mcqs / viva) Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS03 Placement Assistant To design a software application for the online job recruitment process which will meet the requirements of companies and job seekers. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS04 Med-Alexa Design an app to write formatted prescriptions based on hearing the voice of the doctor. The app should provide a facility to send the prescription or reports (Eg. Blood test, Diagnostic medical test) to the patient directly on his phone or email id. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS05 Camera-based traffic accident detection for smart city It is very difficult to check thousand cameras and their network for big cities. In general, a single room with about 30 screens is there for monitoring the entire network. By feeding historical data to the system and with help of the AI tools, Video Processing, and images, any abnormality can be determined. Then the control room will filter the cameras and images with abnormalities in them. Then classification based on object detection and identification will be done by the system. In the control room, the system will highlight cameras with any abnormalities and display with caption the issue using AI and IoT-based solutions. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS06 Kisan Mitra System which provides farmers an interface to sell their produce, and connect with the buyers directly. Portal should help the farmers in terms of Crop suggestion, disaster notification and suggestion about precautionary action based on the forecast of rainfall / weather, potential pest attacks, weather warnings. Suggestions regarding production of high yield based on the local, regional terrain, and weather scenario. It should provide better Farmer Financial Inclusion for planning out loans, interest and managing his costs. It should notify farmers of various region specific subsidies related to farmers. Farmers should be able to reach out for help/advice from experts using the portal. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
iQPS07 Effective way of managing small scale solar panel system. Installation of rooftop solar panels has been trending these days due to government efforts and individual awareness. But day by day reduction in production due to difficulty in cleaning and removal of dust is a major drawback. If a simple cost effective solution is made to address these issues we can observe a boost in demand for the product. Cleaning of solar panels. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS08 Ambient Temperature Based Smart Fan Control. Day by day use of electricity drastically increased. Nowadays people use Fan simultaneously, actually it is not necessary to operate the fan at fixed speed when the temperature or humidity changes in the room or environment. This project gives the idea to control the fan functions automatically according to the atmosphere around it by using a temperature control system , which will save valuable electrical energy. Which helps to save Electricity Bill. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS09 Emergency Alert System during two-wheeler accidents. Majority of the cell-phone users have passwords or pattern lock on their mobiles. Hence, during an accident, people who are near the accident site are not able to inform the relatives of the person who suffered the accident by using his/her cellphone in which the phone numbers of his/her relatives are stored. Hence, a device should be fitted in a two-wheeler which continuously detects the orientation of the two-wheeler and if any disorientation is detected the relatives should automatically receive a message about the same. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS10 Design a device that can do Harmonic reduction and improve power factor. Vienna rectifier is a kind of power converter with complicated operating constraints. Thus, it is difficult to control with conventional control strategies, especially during transients or under low power factor operation. This study proposes a hybrid control scheme with dual loops for the three-phase Vienna rectifier. In the outer loop, the proportional-integral controller is designed to regulate the dc-link voltage and input reactive power. And in the inner loop, finite set model predictive control is utilized to control the input currents and maintain the neutral point voltage balance. To reduce the costs, an extended state observer is introduced to estimate the load current. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS11 Low Powered Battery Operated Data Logger The main challenge is to make a low powered data logger with an IoT facility which can work on the battery backup minimum of around 4-5 years. It should be capable of sensing any physical quantity either analog or digital i.e. It should be universal in nature. Also should be having a facility of storing data over the cloud so that we can access it from anywhere in the world using an internet facility. Wireless connectivity is desired using mobile communication. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS12 To design low-cost Microcontroller based voltage stabilizer. There are many low-cost stabilizers available in the market but most of them have a discrete circuit instead of a microcontroller, hence does not meet above specifications. Usually, the speed of correction is very less in such low-cost stabilizers. Use of AVR microcontroller will provide low-cost solutions with all above specifications described in the problem statement. Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics
iQPS13 Microcontroller-Based Temperature Indication Find temperature sensors with a resolution of 0.001 C for the range of 0 to 60 C. Locate microcontrollers that are compatible with the sensor. Find an ADC that can handle the 0.001 C resolutions. Use an appropriate display device as an interface. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control
iQPS14 System for Traffic Clearance In India's biggest cities, traffic is the most serious issue. Due to high traffic, emergency vehicles may not be able to reach their location. Even if it were desired, the driver or owner of the car is in such a critical situation that he or she is unable to make room for such an emergency vehicle. Ambulances, firefighting equipment-carrying vehicles, police vans, and disaster management vehicles are all examples of emergency vehicles. In an emergency, the vehicle should be at its location in time, but due to traffic congestion, it is unable to do so. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control
iQPS15 Measuring the Level Even now, level measurement of solids in hoppers/silos is a challenging application in industry. Because of the shape of the hopper/silo, many industries are having difficulty measuring the level of solid particles in the bunker. If they relocate the level measurement instruments (Transmitter) instead of the top-center of the hopper/silo, it becomes difficult to get accurate output from the transmitter. They also have to deal with concerns such as floating dust clouds near the level detecting probe, hopper/silo internal temperature, and so on. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control
iQPS16 IoT-enabled Android application to provide real-time parking space availability. The foregoing will apply to vehicles that have already registered with the system and have utilised the navigation system. However, we must also consider vehicles that have not registered and are manually looking for parking spaces and driving in the same direction. Are you able to solve this issue? Develop a clever, efficient application system to address the issue of real-time parking space availability. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control
iQPS17 APEX Locator Our apex is the final part of our teeth. During several dental procedures, it is necessary to clean it in preparation for the following dental procedure. It is critical to clean it properly, or else it will cause other dental issues. The use of an APEX locator allows us to determine whether or not the apex has been cleared properly. However, because it is inaccurate, we must use X-ray to check the apex (called IOPA). This results in a high X-ray exposure for both patients and doctors. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control
iQPS18 Footage analytics may be used to find flaws and abnormalities in video and provide thorough comments. 1.) Techniques based on computer vision to detect fractures and swelling in machine parts. Take a look at the illustration below: It's a cracked machine component. It's a cracked machine component. 2.) This program's goal would be to identify fractures and other irregularities caught by inspection cameras. 3.) Images for the Dataset and the Tests: Students can either create their own dataset or use one that is already available on the internet. Electronics and Communication/ Instrumentation and Control