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Instrumentation & Control Department

Programme Instrumentation & Control
Department Co-ordinator Prof. Mehul K. Shah
Year of starting 1994
Level UG
First year of approval by council F-700/41/gj/(1)/rc/94, 11
Intake 60


To impart eminence technical education in the field of Process Instrumentation and Automation to meet the emerging technological needs of the industry and society.


  • To provide conceptual theoretical knowledge in the field of Process Instrumentation and Automation through effective teaching-learning process.
  • Focusing the students to apply essential principles of engineering in industrial problems and to facilitate them by well equipped laboratories.
  • To offer a platform to adopt and implement innovative ideas and startups in the field of Instrumentation and Automation.
  • To prepare students in such a way that they can procure, design, implement, and validate the automation solution and products for any industry.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Engineers should be able to apply knowledge to design and suggest modifications to existing Instrumentation and Control Systems in the benefit of human kind.
  • Engineers should be able to work independently as well as in multidisciplinary team on any project/assignments.
  • Engineers should be able to contribute in research work to develop new technologies.
  • Engineers should have good leadership quality in order to guide their subordinates to finish assigned work in stipulated time line.
  • Engineers should update their technical knowledge to adopt for new technology development.

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)

  • IC Engineers should have sound knowledge of control systems and electronic circuits associated with.
  • IC Engineers should be able to design and analyze electronic circuitry and automatic systems.
  • IC engineers should be able to suggest modification in existing process plant automation and improve the reliability and availability of plant instruments.
  • IC Engineers should be able to use and maintain various calibration and testing, measurement instruments.
  • IC Engineers should be able to connect various communication modules for process parameters related data transfer to remote terminals or over wireless network systems.
Prof. Mehul K. Shah
Associate Professor
Prof. Mukesh M. Sharma
Associate Professor
Prof. Manoj Khediya
Assistant Professor
Prof. Mamta V. Patel
Assistant Professor
Prof. Kamakshi Kaul
Assistant Professor
Prof. Swapna N. Shah
Assistant Professor
Prof. Swati Y. Rathod
Assistant Professor
Prof. Nitin R. Prajapati
Assistant Professor
Parul S. Trikar
Lecturer ( Adhoc)
Jayendra A. Ranpura
Laboratory Assistant
Electonics and Circuit Design Lab

The Department is having an Electronic and circuit design lab for Analog and Digital Electronics hands on Experiments. Students use Electronic workbench, bread board, and Circuit trainer board to perform the Experiments.

Automation and Motion Control Lab

Department is having Automation and motion control lab where students can perform practical on Allen-Bradley PLC Trainer panel, SCADA trainer kit, Network Protocol Based Control System Trainer, Twin Rotor MIMO Control System, and Magnetic Levitation Control System. The objective of this lab is to familiarize in automation and different trainer kits.

Embedded System Lab

Department is having Embedded system lab where students have different trainer kits like microprocessor, microcontroller, PIC microcontroller, embedded trainer and AVR trainer kit. Embedded Laboratory is a laboratory in which we provide tutorials and projects from the field of Electronics.

Measurement and Transducer Lab

Measurement and transducer lab where students develop their basic project models using different sensors like Thermocouple/RTD/ Capacitive Level Sensors, CROs, Function generators, power supply and instrumentation work bench. This gives them hands on experience in designing and executing of circuits for real systems.

Computer Center

Department is having well equipped computer lab which provides the tools and technologies to students. High tech softwares like MATLAB, LabVIEW, Keil, Multisim-ultiboard, Pspice-sofware, PicoSoft, RS Logic 5000, SciLab.

Process Instrumentation and Calibration Lab

The Department has a Process Control and Calibration Laboratory. The main focus of the lab is to design and implement controllers for different processes and also modeling of the process elements in such a way that the system provides an optimum performance. Major equipments are like level trainer kit, pressure trainer kit, flow trainer kit, Multifunction Process Calibrator, Power Signal Analyzer, Multifunction Air Quality tester.

Biomedical and Soft Computing Lab

The Department has a Biomedical and soft computing lab where students have biomedical coverage like Bio Signal Amplifier, Defibrillator Demo, Digital Blood Pressure Measurement, Respiration Simulator, EMG/ ECG/EEG Simulator, Heart Rate Monitor, Phono-Cardiograph, Ultrasound Diathermy, Audiometer, External Pacemaker, Demo X-Ray Machine, Bio-Telemetry System.lab also have the computer facility for simulation.

An Expert Lecture on - The Smart Cities – Digital Solution for Future Livelihood
An Expert Lecture on - Industrial IoT and Automation
Expert Lecture on "The Role of Cloud Computing in Industry 4.0"
An e-National Level Awareness Program to Promote Various GoI Schemes for Funding under MSME
A Webinar on - Project Report Preparation and Different Schemes on MSME Growth
Webinar on "ISA Student Chapter Sensitization"
Webinar on Introduction to the world of Intellectual Property
A Report on the Remedial Classes of English
Webinar on Role of IOT in Automation
Report on Industry Domain Expert Scrutiny process for SSIP Project Proposals 2020-21
Webinar on The troubleshooting experience while installing field instruments in industrial processes: Dos and Donts
Webinar on An Instrumentation and Control engineer's Diary: From theory to Practical
Webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Control Engineering
Webinar on career opportunities after engineering
Webinar on Electro pneumatic system for Automation
VLAB IITB Workshop
Expert talk on Preparing for GATE Exam and Future Beyond
Session on Cracking UPSC Civil Services Exam - an Electrical Engineers perspective
Hands on workshop on raspberry PI
GEB Plant Visit held under IEI Student Chapter
GUJCOST Sponsored Hands on Workshop on Raspberry Pi and its Application
Hands on Training Program on PLC at CoE
LearnWISE Enterpreneurship Program
Expert Talk on PLC DCS Architecture and its control protocol by Mr Jatin shah
Extension Activity for Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory
Expert Lecture on A survey Feedback Control System
Brief Report on Open House
Live handout on DDCS and PLC
Sr. No. Name Designation Organisation Role WEF
1 Prof. M.K.Shah Asso. Prof & HOD Intrumentation & control Engineering Department VGEC Convener 28-09-2016
2 Mr. Kalpesh Trivedi Techno Elevators,Ahmedabad Member 28-09-2016
3 Mr. Jayesh Gandhi Harikrupa Automation,Ahmedabad Member 28-09-2016
4 Mr.Jitendra Gajjar Amee Power,Ahmedabad Member 28-09-2016
5 Prof. M.V.Patel Assistant Prof, IC Engineering Department VGEC Member Secretary 28-09-2016