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Computer Engineering Department

Programme Computer Engineering
Department Co-ordinator Prof. Mansukh T. Savaliya
Year of starting 2001
Level UG
First year of approval by council 2000 749-87-104(E)/RC/95
Intake 120


To create an environment for providing value based education in Computer Engineering through innovation, team work and ethical practices.


  • To produce computer engineering graduates according to the needs of industry, government, society and scientific community.
  • To develop state of the art computing facilities and academic infrastructure.
  • To develop partnership with industries, government agencies and R & D organizations for knowledge sharing and overall development of faculties and students.
  • To solve industrial, governance and societal issues by applying computing techniques.
  • To create environment for research and entrepreneurship.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Possess technical competence in solving real life problems related to Computing.
  • Acquire good analysis, design, development, implementation and testing skills to formulate simple computing solutions to the business and societal needs.
  • Provide requisite skills to pursue entrepreneurship, higher studies, research and development and imbibe high degree of professionalism in the fields of computing.
  • Embrace life-long learning and remain continuously employable.
  • Work and excel in a highly competence supportive, multicultural and professional environment which abiding to the legal and ethical responsibilities.

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)

  • Sound knowledge of fundamentals of computer science and engineering including software and hardware.
  • Develop the software using sound software engineering principles having web based/mobile based interface.
  • Use various tools and technology supporting modern software frameworks for solving problems having large volume of data in the domain of data science and machine learning.
Prof. Mansukh T. Savaliya
Associate Professor
Prof. Kajal S. Patel
Associate Professor
Prof. Jalpa M. Ramavat
Assistant Professor
Prof. Nakul R. Dave
Assistant Professor
Prof. Uttam Chauhan
Assistant Professor
Prof. Viral Borisagar
Assistant Professor
Prof. Kaushik K. Rana
Assistant Professor
Prof. Jitendra B. Bhatia
Assistant Professor
Prof. Amit H. Rathod
Assistant Professor
Prof. Nirav B. Suthar
Assistant Professor
Prof. Jaimin M. Shroff
Assistant Professor
M. Tech
Prof. Khushali R. Raval
Assistant Professor
Prof. Jigna J. Jadav
Assistant Professor
Prof. Vinodray D. Thumar
Assistant Professor
Prof. Karan P. Bhatt
Assistant Professor
Prof. Avani Nakul Dave
Assistant Professor
Prof. Rahul K. Shah
Assistant Professor
M. Tech.
Prof. Bhavinkumar N. Patel
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Vital R. Patel
Computer Operator
Mr. J. D. Rathod
Lab Assistant
Programming Lab1 and 2

The laboratories are equipped with a number of desktop computers. The current software resources include open source programming SDKs. The lab is used for the course subjects like C, C++ programming etc.

Network Lab

The laboratory is equipped with a high end configuration desktop computers and interconnecting devices. All machines are configured with latest networking software packages and network simulators like wire shark, packet tracer etc. For the programming of network applications, C, C++, Java, python 2.7 are installed on the Windows 10 operating systems.


The laboratory is equipped with a number of desktop computers. The current software resources include a number of Object Oriented Programming SDKs, Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse, EditPlus etc. and Object Oriented Software Engineering tools.

Advance Computing Lab

The laboratory is equipped with a number of desktop computers. The current software resources include a number of SDKs for high end computing environments like Machine Learning, Data Mining, Hadoop Cluster etc. The lab is used for the course subjects like Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Python Programming etc.

Internet and Advance Programming lab 1 and 2

The laboratories are equipped with a number of high end desktop computers. The current software resources include a number of open source tools for formal specification and verification, advanced static analysis, dynamic analysis and testing tools (test-beds), modeling languages, CASE tools and general programming environments. This lab is used by final and pre-final year students for their project work.

High Performance server and network infrastructure

This is the Network Operation Center (NOC) which provides connectivity to the institute through fiber network. It consists of central rack comprising networking switches and servers. It includes various high end configured servers like web server, application server (MIS), Oracle Data Base Server, file server.

Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab is established to handle the laboratories related to the subjects of Microprocessor, Digital Electronics as well as Internet of Things (IoT). This lab consists of 8085 & 8086 Microprocessor hardware kit for the microprocessor subject and Digital Trainer Kit with Basic gates for the Digital Electronics subject. This lab consists of various IoT sensors and devices like Raspberry PI-3 B+ Kits, GPS tracker, Sensor Kits, LoRa etc.

A Seminar on Social Media Marketing
A Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills, Behavior and Attitude Development
Webinar on - Angel Investment and Business Model Canvas
ATAL Approved FDP on - Recent Trends in Software Testing
Final Year Virtual Project Fair – 2021
Expert session on Innovation Patenting and Pitching by Mr R J Rahewar
Webinar on User Interface and User Experience
Expert Session Simulation of Network topologies and Programming IoT Devices
Webinar on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Networking by Mr Jainam Mehta Founder - UrbanNaps
Webinar on A journey from Idea to Product by Mr. Nikhil Suthar
Expert Lecture on Demonstration of IoT Application using Node MCU and Raspberry PI
Expert Session and Meetup on Idea Generation Techniques
Technical Visit Awareness of Activities at NIC and GSWAN
Career Guidance session by ICE Gate Institute
Career Guidance session on GRE TOEFL and IELTS
Expert Talk on Web development with Django
Expert Talk on Data analytics using Python
Expert Talk on Emerging Technologies
Expert Talk on Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
Expert Talk on Data Science Introduction and Research Opportunities
Workshop on HandsOn Using Networking Tools
Sr. No. Name Designation Organisation Role WEF
1 Prof. M.T.Savaliya Asso. Prof & HOD Computer Engineering Department VGEC Convener 06-01-2017
2 Mr. Nikunj Patel Director TechSmith Solution Pvt Limited,Ahmedabad Member 06-01-2017
3 Mr. Harish Chib Associate Vice president SOPHOS, Ahmedabad Member 06-01-2017
4 Mr. Vikram Banker Director Ideabright Infotech Pvt Ltd,Ahmedabad Member 06-01-2017
5 Prof. N.R.Dave Assistant Prof, Computer Engineering department VGEC Member Secretary 06-01-2017