Webinar on Engineering Optimization Using Bio-Inspired Swarm Optimization Techniques

31 May, 2021

    A National Webinar on “Engineering Optimization Using Bio-Inspired Swarm Optimization Techniques” was organized by IEEE VGEC STUDENT BRANCH on May 31st, 2021 from 11:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M. The Expert Prof (Dr) H. D. Mehta, Department Coordinator, Electrical Engineering Department, VGEC gave participants insights on Bio-inspired Swarm Optimization Techniques. More than 2000 students from various colleges across the country attended the webinar through youtube live streaming. Students Vaibhav Verma and Yogesh Singh coordinated the event successfully.

    The objectives of this webinar were to provide insights about Optimization techniques, specifically Bio-inspired Swarm Optimization techniques and to enlighten participants about the swarm optimization techniques and the ways to improvise something without sacrificing performance parameters.

    During the discussion, the expert talked about defining optimization, gave a brief overview of various Swarm Optimization techniques like particle swarm optimization, artificial bee optimization, ant colony optimization and also of Particle Swarm Optimization – Steps involved, Equations used and with explanation to practical examples. The session also included a live demonstration of a program on MATLAB. Development of logic to create objective function and ways to minimize and maximize i.e., optimize a function was also elaborated well during the discussion.

    The expert Prof (Dr) H D Mehta insisted, “To find the most suitable algorithm for solving a particular problem, solve it using three different techniques and by comparing all these three algorithms find the one which is giving best solution.”

    The webinar video is available on Youtube. Link to watch:  https://youtu.be/Xvx4OBZHEY0