Workshop on Raspberry Pi and Its Applications

16 June, 2021

    A two day workshop on “Raspberry Pi & Its Application” was organized, by the Electrical Engineering Department under the IEI Student’s Chapter, from 15th to 16th June 2021 during 11 AM to 1 PM. The expert lecture was delivered by Prof (Dr) Kiran Trivedi, Professor (EC Department), VGEC. Prof. Jignasha A Prajapati was the coordinator of the webinar. The webinar was well appreciated by the presence of over 63 students from various semesters.

    The prime objective of the workshop was to make the students familiar with the basic concept of raspberry pi and its operating procedure. The workshop was organized with the objective to introduce the student to raspberry pi and its applications that help students in making their projects.

    The expert, Prof (Dr) Kiran Trivedi, talked about the concept of Raspberry Pi and its key components along with some basics of programming language. He also elaborated on how Raspberry Pi can be used in primary education. Different applications of it were also discussed. He concluded the session by saying, “Nowadays Raspberry pi is a widely used single board computer in many areas and is helpful to researchers in developing the embedded system using Raspberry Pi.”