Training Program on - Process Engineering and Design (Session - 6)

20 March, 2021

    The Chemical Engineering Department under the banner of the Institution of Engineers India (IEI) organized an online training program on ‘Process Engineering and Design’ from February to April 2021. The session-6 of the following training program entitled “Calculations on Design of Absorbers and Strippers”  was organized on 20th March 2021 on Microsoft Teams under the coordination of Prof. U. P. Christian. The webinar was conducted by expert Prof. S. B. Thakore (Associate Professor, Chemical Engg. Dept, VGEC). The training program was attended by more than 78 UG & PG students of Chemical Engineering from various institutes of Gujarat.

    The prime objective of this training program was to discuss the stepwise procedure for the design of process plant equipment such as shell & tube heat exchanger, distillation column, pump, flowmeters and piping. To provide them guidance about the selection criteria among the different types of equipments & the mechanical design of pressure vessels, this training program was conducted. The students were made aware of the software such as HTRI and ASPEN for the design and simulation of equipment with the help of different case studies.

    During the training program, the expert, Prof S. B. Thakore discussed the theoretical aspects of the design of absorption equipment, the detailed design of ventturi scrubber & the detailed design of falling film absorbers. He also told the participants about different industrial case studies on the design of absorption columns. The participants understood the criteria for the selection of the types of equipment for the given case of absorption system among the six different types of equipments used as absorbers along with the fundamental mistakes in the flow sheet of the absorption system.