Research Scholar

Scholar Name Prakash Kanojiya
Department Power Electronics
Supervisor Name Dr. Anwarul Haque
Abstract Renewable energy is a green source of energy that is clean, available and sustainable. Wind energy and solar generation have been experiencing the largest growth among renewable sources due to lower cost and advanced technologies. Wind energy power plants or farms need low maintenance and last for a long time. The increasing higher penetration of wind and solar energy in the grid has transformed wind energy into major player in grid operation and economics. Wind energy systems now have to participate in grid support and provide consequential services. Variable generation, voltage fluctuations, and frequency deviations, which are the main problems related to renewable energy integration into a grid. These problems become more evident in weak grids. In addition, wind farms have to take the grid problems into consideration and have to provide support during grid instability and transients. Power quality and voltage profile are crucial aspect of the Grid power converter operation under post faults. Unsymmetrical current component injected during unbalanced voltage sag and power adds double frequency content. In response to this problem voltage ride through control strategy for inter connected power system by adding discharging circuit at dc link of the inverter & modifying active & Reactive current reference to the inverter when grid voltage sag occurs. System issues are resolved through simulation carried out MATLAB platform verifying the result under voltage sag condition.