Patent Title Leap Motion Based Gesture Recognized Vocal System
Department Electronics & Communication
Year 29/12/2017
Faculty Name Prof. Chintan Dave
Status Published
Abstract Our project primarily addresses for betterment of deaf and dumb handicap person's lifestyle. Deaf and dumb people around us always face problems when they try to communicate with normal people frequently in routine life when they come into contact of normal people. Deaf and dumb people throughout the world use sign language to communicate with others. The normal people can't understand their sign language so they can't help them and this leads to communication barrier. The idea of this project is to break this barrier. The system comprise of gesture recognized vocal system that can understand the sign language accurately and interpret vocals so that the less fortunate people can communicate with the outside world without the need of an interpreter. The proposed system contains ARM7 microcontroller, leapmotion device and headphones for creating a system that would be beneficial to the deaf and dumb persons all over the globe. This project can be helpful for the dumb and deaf schools, colleges and in society where these kind of students can communicate for their daily requirement which makes the communication effectively with normal people.