Patent Title Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) For Surveillance, Path and Object Tracking
Department Information Technology
Year 31/01/2018
Faculty Name Prof. Anoop Patel
Status Published
Abstract UAV means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It is basically an air vehicle which does not need human control from within vehicle to fly. Self-driven approach adds autonomous functionality to drone. All conventional drones are controlled by remote control and for viewing purpose we need display monitor device separately. These both together add up cost in building a complete UAV system. Our design concept aims to overcome this problem by designing android interface. All controlling and monitoring task is accomplished by android application. Autonomous mode allows minimal user intervention and controlling the flight during operations. UAV autonomy is in context to object follow and path follow. Object follow application deals with detecting object, tracking object and following object while path follow application allows flight of vehicle on predefined path set by user.