Students' Projects

Evaluation of Sub-grad Modulus and Load settlement characteristics of Clay-gravel soil mixtures by Plate Load Test
Department Applied Engineering
Year 2020-21
Budget 166600
Students Dikshansh Singh, Pruvthikkumar P. Patel , Trushik P. Malviya, Suhag K. Nagpal
Mentor Prof. K L Timani, Prof.B G Buddhdev
Abstract Design and modeling of foundations and selecting the value of modulus of subgrade reaction are still actively discussed topics in geotechnical as well as in structural engineering. Very limited research work is available on this in context to find out subgrade reaction modulus for claygravel soil mixtures. The variation of moisture content stored in the ground and earth structures under varying environmental conditions is an important aspect closely related to the mechanical behavior of partially saturated soils. Change in the degree of saturation can cause significant changes in volume, shear strength and hydraulic properties, consequently bearing capacity. Eventually the soil may get submerged and bearing capacity will get reduced. Soil materials are highly non-linear and their behaviour depends on a number of parameters such as grain size distribution, water content, void ratio and degree of compaction. Present research aims to study the effect of varying moisture content on modulus of subgrade reaction, modulus of elasticity and bearing capacity for clay-gravel soil mixtures by using static plate load test. Also the value of modulus of elasticity using different available correlation between modulus of subgrade reaction and modulus of elasticity will be studied