Students' Projects

Optimization of House hold Solar Panel Mounting Structure
Department Applied Engineering
Year 2020-21
Budget 71000
Students Kishan Pravinbhai Patel , Umang Govindbhai Patel , Vraj Sanjaykumar Patel , Krunal Bhaveshbhai Patel , Karan Kantibhai Parmar
Mentor Prof. Chirag N Patel
Abstract In today’s era, solar energy is renewable and useful source to deliver energy to all homes directly and without any discomfort. One of the largest areas of innovation with in solar involves the mounting system. Its secure solar panels to the roof. There are many mounting systems and it requires materials like aluminium, steel etc. And with the help of them we make different type of frame Structure for support to solar panels. And this frame structure needs to incorporate the characteristics like stiffness, motion, strength, modularity, fabrication. Looking to the Indian projects, it is highly required to optimize for the better functionality and serviceability at this stage. In current scenario the mounting structure is not optimized so in this project we perform the optimization of mounting structure with new CAD technology, we design mounting structure with some standard reference in software name AUTODESK FUSION 360. After design the mounting structure we perform FEM simulation and CFD analysis and then we finalized our mounting structure for construction on site. After all the analysis and testing of mounting structure we will get their overall life is much more than the mounting structure with out analysis and testing. So, at the end we will make well Optimized mounting structure for solar panel which is durable and economical to the current mounting structure.