Students' Projects

Water Absorbing Concrete Block
Department Civil Engineering
Year 2020-21
Budget 65000
Students Ravi Chaudhari, Maulik Chaudhari , Alpesh Chaudhary, Arvind Chaudhary
Mentor Prof G. D. Jagad
Abstract The increased urbanization has caused conversion of natural pervious ground into impervious layer due to concretization with respect to pavement construction. The impervious layers have reduced the groundwater recharge and increased the frequency of flash floods and urban heat island (UHI) effects. One of the engineered ways to reduce the effect of impervious layers without affecting the development is to utilize pervious concrete pavements suitably.Based on comparative analysis of presented researches and review of the literature in this area, it can be concluded that pervious concrete is mostly used for parking area in various country.