Funded Projects

Project Title Land-Cover Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image/Data for Agricultural and Urban Region
Department Information Technology
Year 2017
Fund Amount 1392000
Fund Agency ISRO
Faculty Name Vibha D. Patel
Status Completed
Abstract Thematic mapping and more specifically PolSAR image/data classification are one of the most common applications of remote sensing. Precise classification of the PolSAR images/data is a challenging task. This has been an active research area for the last three decades. Land cover maps obtained from the classification of remote sensing data are frequently used to express economic, demographic and environmental issues at different levels. Mapping land-cover of the agriculture-urban fringe in a timely and accurate manner is thus of great importance. Hence, we propose the development of SAR image/data classification techniques which can serve as a valuable tool in agriculture and urban development.