Funded Projects

Project Title Hybrid (AC/DC) Microgrid for Rural Electrification
Department Electrical Engineering
Year 2019
Fund Amount 680000
Fund Agency GUJCOST
Faculty Name Prof. D. P. Pathak, Prof. P.J.Purohit
Status Applied
Abstract The proposed work aims to develop an Integrated Renewable Energy System for a rural and remote area to fulfill various energy needs of the population living over there.Hardware implementation is not started yet. Simulation work related to AC/DC converter and DC/DC converter topology is started and it's going on. The suggested structure of IRES incorporates of Micro Hydro Power system (MHPS), biomass gasifier system (BMGS), biogas digester system (BGGS), Wind energy conversion system (WECS), solar photovoltaic system (SPVS) and battery bank storage system. The projected arrangement, producers of biomass gasifier, MHP, biogas digester system and windmills are allied to AC bus however solar energy structure is allied to DC bus. The dump load is connected to control of additional power in situations when the battery bank storage scheme is completely charged.