A Webinar on 4th Industrial Revolution and Innovation in Engineering and Intellectual Property Rights

11 July, 2021

    The Mechanical Engineering Department under the Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP), organized a webinar on "4th Industrial Revolution and Innovation in Engineering and Intellectual Property Rights" on July 11th, 2021 at 11 AM on Microsoft Teams. The webinar was conducted by a senior IPR domain expert Mr. Padmin Buch, (Advisor, IPR-GTU Faculty, EDII, Co-Chairman, GCCI's MSME Committee). The webinar was coordinated by Dr. M. I. Vyas, Prof. K. T. Dodiya & Prof. M. M. Modan. 195 students from various semesters attended this webinar.

    The prime objective of the webinar was to guide students about the 4th Industrial Revolution and about how to manage in the developing industrial market. The webinar was also intended to make participants understand the process of innovation in engineering and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). It also aimed at developing an  experimental  and holistic  approach  for problem-solving  that  focuses  on  different aspects of  innovation  i.e. people's  desirability, technological  feasibility, business  viability. The other objectives were to make them learn more about emerging IOT & its application which will shape the arc of their future and how to obtain patents and block chain applications.

    During the webinar, Mr. Padmin Buch introduced the spectrum in Industry 4.0 along with the discussion about Artificial Intelligence and ownership at PI. He also covered the topic regarding Patent Explanation, importance of innovation and a workable environment. The participants learnt about the procedure to apply for patents after knowing about patent filling. The participants were guided about how to use their innovations along with intellectual senses to further academic progress.