An Expert Talk on Crude Distillation and Cracking- Industrial Experience

29 April, 2022

On 29th April, Chemical Engineering Department organisd an Expert Talk on Crude Distillation and Cracking – Industrial Experience to give an overview about the refinery industry.

Key features:                                    

  • Expert: Mr. Saugata Palit, Sr Manager, Operation - RFCC Block, Qatar Petroleum/ Energy, Qatar
  • Event Coordinator: Prof. Dolly Gandhi
  • No. of participants: 45
  • Venue: Microsoft teams

Discussion Points:

•   Overview of refining industry

  • Heat management for a refinery unit

•   Crude Distillation Unit (CDU)”

•   How does Vacuum Distillation Work?

•   Need of catalytic cracking

•   FCC Plant Configuration

•   Selecting a FCC based on feed quality

•   How A FCC/ RFCC Operates?

•   Heat Balance in FCC