An Expert Lecture on Skill, Entrepreneurship Development and Employability: Challenges and Opportunities

07 August, 2021

An expert lecture on “Skill, Entrepreneurship Development and Employability: Challenges and Opportunities” was organized by E-Cell, VGEC Chandkheda under Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP), on 7th August 2021, on the Microsoft Teams. The event was conducted by the expert Dr. Umesh Shrivastava (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad) under the coordination of Dr. Femina Patel, Prof. Milap Nayak, Prof. Mukesh Chauhan, Prof. Kalpesh Chaudhary, Prof. Amit Rahod and Prof. Jignesh Vania.The event was attended by 100+ participants.


One of the primary objectives of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is to develop skill-based education methods in Indian Education System and to increase employability through skills.  As a part of the celebration of its one-year completion and to fulfil its vision, an expert lecture was organized with the motive to develop skills and entrepreneurship qualities among students.


The main discussion points of the webinar included entrepreneurship and its characteristics, present, past and future of entrepreneurship, employability characteristics and life skills, effectuation and its principles etc. The statement, “Entrepreneurship arises from necessities” well quoted by Dr. Umesh Shrivastava encouraged students to think to be a future entrepreneur. In this expert lecture, participants were well explained about the life skills required for a successful entrepreneur. It also focused on how one can build employability skills, generate entrepreneurship success pie-idea, Team, Market and Execution. It also included the discussion how to start a journey as a successful entrepreneur with the understanding of effectuation and its principles. The session was interesting and informative as per the responses received from the attendees.