Sr.No. Title of Activity Description
1 Design and Development of Mask Vending Machine for public places The students of 6th semester computer (Vinay Shah & team) working under the supervision of Prof. Amit Rathod for design and development of contactless QR code based payment based mask vending machine that can be deployed at the BRTS bus stands and other public places for general public post lockdown. We're applying for grant under Student Open Innovation Challenge (special challenge for covid 19) SOIC by SSIP Gujarat and GTU SSIP Covid 19 challenge.
2 Fund raising for Pahel Charitable Trust, Dharampur distributing Food packets in tribal area Pahel Charitable Trust, Dharampur, run by Mr. Rushit Masrani distributes the 1200 food packets daily to tribal area around Dharampur during lockdown. In addition, trust also distributes the Mask and Senitizers to poor and arranges Tea-Biscuits for on-duty employees. Being associated with trust, We are raising funds for the trust through close friends and so far more tan 50,000/- has been already raised and deposited. During normal time, trust is providing education to tribal children and support in many other ways.
3 Grain kit Disribution Kit is prepared and distributed to people
4 Donation to CM and PM relief fund All staff members of VGEC have given donation under CM and PM relief fund.
5 COVID-19 : Step-by--step awareness with quiz The students of 4th Semester (Tirth Trivedi and team) and NSS students (Tanmay Shah and Daxesh Italiya) working on web page developments for step by step information and quiz related to COVID-19 which are then integrated. Also all the department SSIP teams are assigned task to create web pages for awareness of COVID-19.
6 COVID-19 Awareness program for students
  1. Inspired NCC students to attend i GOT platform training modules
  2. Inspired NCC students to spread the usage of Araogya setu app
7 Advisory On Corona Virus(Covid 19) The students have to go through the Advisories related to Corona Virus(Covid 19) from the following websites.
  1. The information getting website from WHO. When and How to use mask and how to make precaution at work place.
  2. The information getting website from Ministry of Health by poster.
8 Academic Activities over online platform All departments have used various online platforms for academic activities like, - Conduction of online lecture, - Submission of practical and assignments, - Online Quiz etc.
9 COVID-19 Data Analytics

"A student team is working on the research project ""COVID-19 Data Analytics"" under the guidance of Prof. Vibha Patel.

Abstract of the Research Project: An outbreak of 2019 novel corona virus diseases (COVID-19) in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China has spread quickly around the world with more than 2,800,000 confirmed infections, and around more than 197,000 deaths. The contagion has spread from Wuhan- a Chinese town to more than 180 countries . Attempts to prevent further spreading of the pneumonia-like disease have led to shut down cities, ubiquitous cancellations of flights and disrupted financial markets. Before March, the virus outbreak mainly occurred in China and other Asian countries, however, there was an exponential increase in the number of infected cases in the USA, Italy and other European countries thereafter. Nations around the world are taking drastic measures to avoid COVID-19 disseminating on their home-front, after many confirmed cases have been introduced from elsewhere. Analyzing the characteristics of this pandemic would help in getting better insights into this situation. With the help of many datasets available right now much important information about the current situation can be obtained. Using various data analytics techniques like seaborn’s KDE (Kernel Density Estimator) plot, Box-and-Whisker plot, Violin plot, analysis of the possible hidden patterns of the datasets and statistical information can be carried out. The distribution of the datasets can be checked in many different circumstances to know what to anticipate in future under those situations. Exploring further, it is possible to discover how this pandemic affects different people of different age groups or people who have some other disease. Furthermore, using the datasets, different hypothesis tests can be run on two or more sub-datasets pertaining to various situations to see if there is a significant difference between them. Therefore, keeping in mind the current global condition, a descriptive and exploratory analysis of all cases of COVID-19 diagnosed across various countries worldwide can help to gain insights of the effects and severity of this global pandemic."

Student Team:

  • Nihar Patel(170170107073)
  • Deep Patel(170170107059)
  • Dhruvil Shah(170170107094)
  • Foram Patel(170170107063)
10 Community Health Information System

The fight against coronavirus COVID-19 is at a crucial tipping point. All over the world lives have been lost, and changed beyond recognition. Now, COVID-19 threatens to take hold in the developing world. In this context of often-fragile health systems and social structures, its impact could be catastrophic. In response, as part of COVID-19 NATIONAL BIO INFORMATICS ONLINE HACKATHON FOR FULL STACKERS, we are going to make an android app and mobile responsive web design. The best information tool to handle this pandemic is Disaster Risk Management (DRM) apps and tools which facilitate coordination for preparedness, rescue, relief and rehabilitation which can be further repurposed, upgraded to support coordination among many if not all. In order to do this rapidly, we are planning to integrate following topics:

This project will have two modules. The first module is a Mobile App which will be used by civilian and the other is a web portal which will be used by authorities. Following features will be incorporated in the system.

  • Locating Medical stores: Civilian can able to locate medical stores in nearby area.
  • Public healthcare locations for COVID 19.
  • Toll free number integration: Civilian can able to call on different toll free numbers from App.
  • Essential service transport pass / Personal pass service request: Civilian can able to apply for pass to access essential / personal services.
  • Collection of relief materials food: Civilian can able to donate relief material to government authorities. Civilian can also ask for relief material through App.
  • Volunteers registration and assigning work: Civilian can able to join in social service by submitting request on App. Government authorities can view list of volunteers and assign task based on their skills.

Student Team:

  • Faizal Maulvi (170170116022)
  • Bhavik Parmar (170170116025)
  • Smit Patel (170170116038)
  • Nikhil Koshty (180170116004)